Going away parties……. happy but sad….

Today I had two fun parties with my friends and co-workers.  A bunch of the folks that I have worked with in the IT department at the County took me to lunch today.  We had a great time talking about everything imaginable!  Then the folks in my department threw me a really nice party complete with gluten-free cake and 3 kinds of sorbet and ice cream also!  And they even had punch in a pretty punch bowl with pretty plates, cups and napkins.   I felt really special and was very honored by the gift of a very nice journal with my name engraved on it, and then a pen/pencil set  make from wood by Dan Hunter, one of the bosses.  I have written journals from all the different places I have lived in the world and so this was a very special gift for me.

It was really fun to visit with everyone and eat yummy treats, but realizing that I will be leaving them all in just two more days, hurts….. they have been like a family to me over the past 8 years.  But I am very thankful for technology that will come in handy in staying in touch with them.

One special gift I received was a cross with the verse from Jeremiah – I know the plans I have for you….. my friend Janet gave me that.  She and I have shared a lot over the years and it will be really hard to leave her, but I know that we are all in God’s hands and that He understands.

I am still happy I am leaving……. there is such a great big world out there that is dying to hear the good news that I know!  I can’t wait to share that!

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