We have had a full day of sorting and packing.  Todd jokingly mentioned that he was getting tired of all of this, and that he had seen someone else who is packing and moving post something about the house they were leaving possibly catching on fire, and he thought that a fire about now might not be all that bad.  Of course there were some items that he would have to grab first. 🙂  It was funny, but as I reflect on that thought, I realize again that it is just stuff, and a lot of it seems to only clutter up our lives.  We have so many things that really aren’t necessary, but we selfishly want it and don’t want to get rid of it.  We spend our lives collecting more and more “stuff” and really that is not what makes us happy.

All of my best memories of my childhood, teen years, young married life and recent times are about people and my interactions with them, and a lot of them are about serving others and helping them to see who God is and that he loves them.  It isn’t about all the “stuff” I have.  One of the greatest feelings in the world is to know that you helped lead someone to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  The change that Jesus makes in a life is incredible and worth so much more than all the “stuff” you could ever own.  That feeling just seems to well up inside of you until it has to come out!  My outlet for that feeling of pure joy is to smile and sing.  And that typically means at the top of my lungs!??????????

Just trying to keep the right attitude as I pack.

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