Where is your Prayer Closet?

As we are packing up, selling our belongings, cleaning things, and traveling to speak, my prayer closet has changed with where we are each morning, but my preferred place of personal worship and devotion is in the big blue rocking recliner that my Daddy gave me when we moved back to the US 8+ years ago.  That chair has special memories for me, from the excitement of going with my Mom to the La-Z-Boy store to pick it out for my Dad all those years ago, to the 6 weeks I spent in it night and day when I had Pneumonia when I was 14 and then the day when Mom had it recovered from burnt orange to a beautiful blue to better match her furnishings when they moved to the new house in Newport Oregon.

My Prayer Closet
My Prayer Closet

You can find me almost every morning that I am home, sitting in my chair with a mug of coffee and my Bible.  I have graduated from my Bible that is literally falling apart, to a tablet that I am reading the message version through on this year.  Everyone knows that Mom doesn’t do anything but take a shower before she spends time in the word and talking to God each morning.  And they know that their life goes better if they let me have my time with God before getting the day started with all that we moms do.

As we prepare to move, and as I wrote about on the tcaeb.wordpress.com blog this morning, we are selling that chair that I love so much.  This time of packing and moving has caused us to reflect a lot on the things that are important to us.  It really isn’t about the chair – it is about my time in the word, and talking to God before I start my day.  I am thankful that my sweet neighbor wants my chair and wants to let me keep it until we actually leave so that I can continue to do my devotions there each morning.  But I am more thankful that my God knows me and hears me wherever I am.

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