What does God have for me today?

Beautiful Ping flower budThis is a question that I ask several times every day?  We arrived in the Philippines 5 weeks ago today.  We came with a total of 9 “action packers” a large Rubbermaid foot locker type box filled with the items we thought we needed to survive here.  Clothes, kitchen items, computers and cameras were the basic essentials we felt we needed. We have been staying in a furnished apartment on the campus of Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary.  Although the basics were here, I am very thankful for the kitchen items I packed.  We hope to move to a house we are working on renting in the next week or two.

The past 5 weeks have found us getting to know our new co-workers and team mates, visiting a few of the churches in the area, learning how to use a Mac computer, and writing more news stories than I thought possible, helping with disaster relief efforts by packing rice and food to be taken to areas hit hard by the monsoon rains.

Volunteers packing food for those hit hard by the floodingThe first 3 weeks our youngest daughter Courtney was with us and that was such a blessing to have her here with us and made the transition to foreign country with an empty nest a little easier to handle.  She is back at school now in Idaho and happy to be there!

We have had a lot going on, learning a new culture, language, OS, and trying to keep up with everything, but yet I struggle to find exactly where I fit into all of this.  Everyone has made me feel most welcome, and they gave me a space in the large room where Todd is working with the communications team, but I still feel as though I have not found my “spot”.

We have had a lot of reading to do for some upcoming meetings, and the material is wonderful about Organic Church Movements.  I have also spent many hours on the computer trying to learn Filipino/Tagalog, but still through it all, I am searching. What does God have for me here today?

You know, I think that is what God wants.  He wants us to be searching for what He has for us, and not just get caught up in the busy lives we lead. Not get drug down by all of the “good” things we do at our churches and for our families.  He wants us to be in a place that we are not totally comfortable being.  He wants us to continually seek and ask what He wants for us here, today, this very moment. Then and only then can He do what He does best and surprise us with what He has for us this day!  Some days I believe He has rest for us, on other days, trials that help to make us stronger, some days He has joy unspeakable and full of Glory!  I love those days best, but if we never went through the trials, the joy wouldn’t be as sweet.  Today I am thankful that I have not found my “spot”.  I pray that I will be open to the spirits promptings to talk to a student and hear his story of why he is here.  To listen and be ready to respond when others offer me new treats to try from their country, as it is not just an offer of a sweet treat, but an offer for conversation. I pray that as I walk and talk and work with the different ones I meet here, I will be sensitive to the spirit’s promptings to keep my mouth closed and listen and learn from them.  Because that is why I am here, to learn, to grow, to seek more of Him, and where He is moving and join Him!

Beautiful sunset through the trees

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