Headed Home

Gladstone houseHome, that word has brought to mind many different things over the years.  From different houses I have lived in as a child with my family, to states, I have lived in. Most recently, speaking of home, brings to mind countries, like the USA and the Philippines.

Now that all of our children are grown and living on their own, the idea of home being where the family is together is a difficult thing to get my brain around. As there is not really a place or time where we will ever be just our family.  And that is how it is supposed to be.  We have a son-in-law that we adore and another one to be soon!  We have also been blessed by the birth of our first grandchild.

IMG_1451As we prepare to go “home” to the USA for a speaking tour and a few down days with our kids, other family and friends, I have no real clear picture in my mind of what that will look like.  I know we will all get together, at different places at different times, but that really isn’t my “home”.

More and more as Todd and I work here in the Philippines with duties and tasks that reach across the whole Asia-Pacific Region, this has become “home”.  That doesn’t in any way indicate that my “home” in the USA with my children and family and friends is any less important to me.  This just means that I have a deep felt connectedness to our work here and the people that we work with and that we serve here.

CloudsI think that this is God’s way of easing the hurt and sadness of not being with our children and other family and friends. I feel a real sense of belonging and of love and mutual respect with those we work with and those we serve. I know that God brought us here, at this time, for His purposes.  I have recognized some of those already and I am sure that as time goes on, I will recognize more ways in which God worked all things together for good.

I am excited to go “home” to the USA!  I am super excited to watch as Todd meets our grand daughter Noortje for the first time!  I am excited to see all of my kids, my parents, my siblings and their families and all of my friends!  I am excited for the feeling I know I will have as we step off the plane onto US soil.  There is always something about that first step that brings a tear to my eye and the National Anthem to my lips. 😉

But when our time comes to an end in the USA, I will look forward to going “home” to my friends and work back here in the Philippines. wmc-prayercard

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