Trying to get out

Storm over ManilaTry as we might, we cannot get out of this country rested and ready for a heavy deputation schedule.  We have been working on laying everything out and checking items off the lists so that our last days in country would be relatively relaxed and we would have some time to prepare for the meetings we will start speaking at a few short hours after we arrive in Idaho. This photo I took on the roof tonight really seemed to show the battle we feel we are in between light and dark.

I have been posting Instagram photos lately with the hashtags #thislittlelightofmine #imgonnaletitshine  because really, that is why I am here in the Philippines.  I want to let my light so shine that other will see God’s good works in my life and glorify Him.  I want to be that city set on a hill – or maybe that big bright white cloud int he picture above!  But the darkness keeps trying to break in and hide that light.  I will keep letting my light shine, I will keep singing my songs, and no matter what the darkness tries to do, it will not be able to cover it completely.  Noor

We would appreciate your prayers as we finish packing up our things and heading to the airport in a few short hours.  So many things still needing to be done and our bodies are begging for rest. We will keep going as long as the Good Lord gives us the strength, energy and wisdom to do so. There is a 5 month old baby out there that needs to see her Grandfather for the first time! We are so excited to have our first stop in Idaho where our children all are.  God blessed us with our first services literally across the road from our daughters house where we will be staying.

Our speaking schedule can be viewed by clicking this link

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