When I see a Rainbow…

rainbow-with-cloudWhen I see a Rainbow, I think about a Bible story from my childhood.  A story about a world that had turned their back on God and I remember Noah’s obedience in building the Ark.  I think about the promise from God that He would never destroy the whole world with a flood again.

I love that story, because I love the obedience of Noah to do the right thing, no matter what his friends and family said.  Noah’s eyes were fixed on God and not on the world around him.  Building the Ark was a very long and difficult process, but Noah kept at it and finished it just in time.

Today as I see so many rainbows in various forms in various places, I have spent a lot of time reflecting.  Lord help me be like Noah!  Help me to keep my eyes fixed on You and not on this world!  Help me to keep working on what You have called me here to work on.  Help me remember Your promise in the rainbow and help me love people, and invite them to gR12 Booket in the boat!

Today I started reading Living on the Edge by Chip Ingram again.  Dare to Experience True Spirituality.  This line caught my attention:

It’s not our religious activities, it’s not keeping rules, it’s not being a dutiful soldier fulfilling a cause.  He (God) wants our lives and our hearts in intimate, joyful, relationship with Him.R12Lord, please help me remember that it is by Your grace that I am saved, through faith – and this not from myself, it is a gift straight from You, – not by my works, so that I cannot boast.

Want to know more?  Click here for resources by Chip Ingram on True Spirituality.

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