The Miracle Working God of the Bible…

4 SibsThe same miracle working God of the Bible is still working miracles today! I know this because I see evidence of it all around me. From my brother who was at stage 4+ cancer and is now officially in remission, to the 19 year old boy that has started coming to our church plant in Makati who had open heart surgery 5 days ago and today gave us a walking tour of the hospital he is in. I see it in the changed lives of the people we gather with on Sundays out at the motocross racetrack and talk about the God of the Bible. And I know it by the peace that is in my heart despite being separated from my kids and new grandbaby. The desires and passions of my heart are to be all that I can be for this great miracle working God; To serve Him with my best, my life, my all.

IMG_6556Today I have been in tears most of the day, not because I am sad, but because I am amazed at how God works. You see, this morning when we got up here in Manila, we found messages on our phones from my brother letting us know that he is officially in remission. Praise the Lord! My mind always goes to a song – and the song I went to today was Lord You Are Good! Almost 3 years ago, he came to us, to let us know he was sure he had lymphoma. We walked this road with him as he chose to start out doing alternative treatments, then when the cancer kept growing and started to make it difficult to breathe, he finally went to a western medical doctor and started chemo. The original diagnosis from the oncologist didn’t sound so bad. They suggested he start on one type of chemo, then he would be in remission, and after 5-10 years if it came back, the next step up of chemo, then he would be in remission for another 5-10 years then the final level of chemo. Well, after a few months and they had exhausted all three stages of chemo and the tumors were getting worse, the doctors pretty much gave up hope. But Curt didn’t – his pet scan that looked like a decorated Christmas tree with the number of hot spots was his proof for when God healed him. After being accepted for a clinical trial, and being injected with CAR-T Cells, and people around the world praying for him, for his healing and for the day to day struggles, the tumors have all shrunk and he was declared in remission. Only God can do that! And we give Him all the praise and thanks for working this miracle in Curt’s life.

Roldan 5 days post opFrom that incredible high this morning, praising the Lord, we then went with Sam and Faith, our ministry partners, to the Philippine Heart Center to see Roldan, and his team of caretakers. My eyes continued to mist up and spill over. Not only was Roldan doing well, he was sitting up when we got there. He immediately opened up his shirt and showed the bandages on his chest from the open-heart surgery he had gone through just 5 days before where they replaced two valves. He no longer has tubes running into and out of him, and is down to just one small drain. He isn’t even hooked up to an IV. He offered to show us he could walk and took us on a tour of the hospital. His attitude was so positive, his color so good, his strength so steady, and his thankfulness so sincere. We walked back to his room in the ward and prayed for him and for his team before we left.Praying w Roldan

Visiting with Jam, Jason and Ricardo, they seemed to also appreciate our visit and they expressed over and over again the appreciation of all those across the globe who have been praying for Roldan. As we talked, we recognized God’s hand in bringing us all together, for such a time as this. To get people they didn’t know and didn’t have a way to communicate with to pray for the surgery and the recovery.

trafficAs we drove away from the Hospital, Sam said “doesn’t it feel good to do good things?” We all agreed! Our visit, even though the traffic was heavy (compared to where we come from) and it was in the middle of our workday, the sense of God’s presence and peace and favor was very real. We were so encouraged at Roldan’s progress and the positive outlook and wonderful care his “team” has been showing him.

What miracle are you needing in your life? Healing physically? Healing spiritually or with a specific relationship? The miracle working God of the Bible is still working miracles today! Ask Him!Promise

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