The Question Continues

t-sam-and-iAs Todd, Sam and I traveled around the USA this past September 2016, speaking at the Work & Witness Conferences and in churches as well as at NNU and to many individuals and different groups, our theme was What’s In Your Hands?.  We made ballers (silicone bracelets) with those words, and even have a hashtag #WhatsInYourHands2016 that we registered to make it easier to follow.

We had shirts made that said Impact: Passion and Purpose which matched the wording on the other side of the ballers.  When we use our God given Passions for His Purpose, that is when Impact happens! Sam’s life is proof of that!

This same question lives on in the hearts of many people across the world.  We have been overjoyed to see people from Ohio to Manila, reflecting on what gifts and abilities the Lord has given them, or placed in their hands, that they can then use to share Him and His love with others.  Giving a platform for them to introduce people to Jesus.

Monique is using her skills as a writer to share inspiring articles and even Bible verses at her work via a new newsletter for her company
Rebecca’s Story



Do you have a #WhatsInYourHands2016 story that you would like to share?

I would love to hear it!


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