The Question Continues

t-sam-and-iAs Todd, Sam and I traveled around the USA this past September 2016, speaking at the Work & Witness Conferences and in churches as well as at NNU and to many individuals and different groups, our theme was What’s In Your Hands?.  We made ballers (silicone bracelets) with those words, and even have a hashtag #WhatsInYourHands2016 that we registered to make it easier to follow.

We had shirts made that said Impact: Passion and Purpose which matched the wording on the other side of the ballers.  When we use our God given Passions for His Purpose, that is when Impact happens! Sam’s life is proof of that!

This same question lives on in the hearts of many people across the world.  We have been overjoyed to see people from Ohio to Manila, reflecting on what gifts and abilities the Lord has given them, or placed in their hands, that they can then use to share Him and His love with others.  Giving a platform for them to introduce people to Jesus.

Monique is using her skills as a writer to share inspiring articles and even Bible verses at her work via a new newsletter for her company
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“Keep your eyes focused on where you are going and your body will follow”


First Successful BackflipThose are the words I felt lead to share with a motocross rider who was practicing to do a backflip on a dirt bike for the Grand Finals in Pilipinas Got Talent! The team of freestyle motocross athletes were using the MX Messiah Fairgrounds track (where we are part of an organic church) to practice and also tape the grand finals performance. IMG_2776
I had just come from lunch with their wives and girlfriends along with my ministry partner Faith. We had stopped by the track to see how things were going and I jumped out with my camera hoping to capture some good shots.

You are probably saying to yourself what I said to myself when I felt lead to say those words. “Who are you to tell him how to do his trick” or “since when did you become a motocross expert” or “you don’t even know how to ride a dirt bike – why should he listen to you”. And those are valid questions, but God doesn’t always do things that make sense, and having this “momarazzi” remind this rider of what he already knew, to keep his eyes on his destination, and by praying with him before he made another attempt, it helped him focus, and with God’s help he was able to do the flip – over and over!

IMG_6051“Ate Connie – God moves mountains when we pray!” Those words were shouted to me after Bornok had successfully completed a full backflip for the first time that day. Which was after we had gathered around him, laying hands on him and praying for his safety and that through this maneuver, God would receive the glory for His hand and help. That all those there would see the might of our God and come to know Him personally! My heart soured as I heard those words and knew what they meant in the lives of many of those standing there celebrating!

As I reflected on the amazing evening and looked back through the photographs I shot of the practice, it struck me how that advice is good for every one of us…

As we keep our eyes focused on where we are going (heaven), our body (deeds) will follow. Failed to keep his eyes on the goalIf we look only at what we are doing, no matter how good that deed may be, we will loose sight of where we are going and fail to arrive there.  Much like Bornok did as he looked at his bike rather than the landing. If we look at someone else, we will not succeed in keeping in line with our goal. It is in the daily reading of God’s word and the moment by moment seeking His will for our next step (keeping our eyes on where we are going) that we are able to keep on track and reach our goal.

Team UA Mindanao with Tamayos and Jojo.jpgAt the end of the day, I humbly thanked God for using my life and my camera to bring glory to Him. For the courage He gave me to step out of my comfort zone, and follow His leading to walk up to a group of motocross athletes and ask them if I could pray for them before they continued their practice. I thanked Him for the safety He provided for not only Bornok but the whole group as they worked as a team to help him successfully complete the flip. For showing all those there His might and how He helps those who give Him the glory. And for reminding me to always keep my eyes on where I am going…